Storage and Use

1. When you use the motor, there must be no restraint. For example, the adhesive does not flow into the bearing through the rotating shaft, which hinders the operation of the motor.
2. The rotation of the shaft may have the opposite effect on the life of the motor. In order to prolong the life, please check whether your load is in accordance with the regulations, not overloaded, or the end of the shaft is hung with obstacles.
3. Manufactured as an eccentric heavy-radiation load, detrimental to the life of the motor.
4. Do not store in high temperature or extreme humidity, and do not place it in corrosive gas, which will reduce the motor effect.
5. Do not operate the motor in high temperature and humidity.
6. When soldering the motor terminals of the positive and negative poles of the power supply, the temperature of the soldering iron should be 340 °C ± 40 °C, and the heating time should be less than 3 seconds. Do not deform the plastic. During the work, let the solder point flow into the motor or break the end of the wire. Decide the motor function.
7. Do not let the motor shaft get stuck. When the power is transmitted, the motor will overheat and burn its accessories in a short time.
8. The quality cannot be guaranteed because the staff lacks the skills to make the motor meet the instructions mentioned in the manual, or the surface judgment is obviously negligent.
9. Supply specified power, be sure to be within the measurable requirements.
10. Installation of pulleys or gears should not be aggravated when pressed.
11. When the motor is installed, the screw is too long, which will cause contact between the motor itself and the rotor, which will affect the characteristics.



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