GM10-M10 10mm metal spur gear dc motor

|- Model: GM10-M10VA micro metal gearmotor;
|- Gearbox: 10 mm metal spur gear reducer;
|- Rated Voltage: DC 1.5V,3V,4.5V,5V,6v,9v,12v;
|- Rated Torque: Max. 0.5Kgf-cm ;
|- Size : Ø10 * L 21.5mm ;
|- Shaft : Ø2.5mm D-cut 0.5mm;
|- Encoder : Magnetic encoder available;
|- Commutation: Carbon brush/Graphite brush/Metal brush;
|- Construction: micro Permanent Magnet iron cored dc electric motor;
|- MOQ : 500 pcs

GM10-M10 10mm metal spur gear dc motor small dc motor

gm10-m10 small spur geared brush dc electric motor datasheet

some users' specifications as below:

Key specifications as below:
rated current [mA]: 180
nominal voltage [V DC]: 4.5
rated torque [Nm]: 0.044
starting current [mA]: 350
starting torque [Nm]: 0.088
NO-load-speed [rpm]: 23000
weight [g]:  about 3g
outside shaft length [mm]: 4.0
shaft end play [mm]: 0.05...0.30
screw size: M1.6x0.35
dia of shaft [mm]: Ø3x2.5
The typical application for this small metal spur gear dc motor is smart lock drive.

Specified details of this Small Gear dc motor GM10-M10:

Item Unit Specification
Rated voltage VDC 4.5
Gear Ratio 1/250
Rotation CW&CCW
Motor Position All position in horizontal
Temperature °C 0~30
Humidity % 30~95
• Performance of Small DC Motor FF-M10
No-load Speed rpm 23.000±10%
No-load Current mA 55 (max.)
Stall Current mA 350 (max.)
Stall Torque 4.5
• Performance of Small Gear dc motor GM10-M10
Output Speed rpm 90±10%
No-load Current mA 65 (max.)
Stall Current mA 350 (max.)
Stall Torque Instant allows torque 900
Rated Torque 450
Rated Current mA 180 (max.)
Noise dB 45
• The Dimension of Small Gear dc motor GM10-M10
The Outside Shaft Length mm 4
Shaft End Play mm 0.05-0.30
Screw Size M1.6*0.35
Dia of Shaft mm Ø3*2.5

Notice: Data in this typical specification sheet are for other certain customers. Voltage, rated torque, speed, current, power and shaft extension feature & dimension can be customized to meet customer specific requirement.




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