GS37-555 Small DC geared motor

|- Model: GS37-555 micro metal gearmotor;
|- Gearbox: 37 mm metal spur gear reducer with parallel shaft ;
|- Rated Voltage: DC 1.5V,3V,4.5V,5V,6v,9v,12v,24v;
|- Rated Torque: Max. 35Kgf-cm ;
|- Size : Ø37 * L TBD ;
|- Shaft : Ø6mm D-cut 0.5mm, custom;
|- Encoder : Magnetic encoder available;
|- Commutation: Carbon brush/Graphite brush;
|- Construction: micro Permanent Magnet iron cored dc electric motor;
|- MOQ : 500 pcs

gs37-555 small spur geared brush dc electric motor datasheet

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